May Wrap Up/ Book Haul & June TBR

Hey guys! It has been quite a month for me. I have been so busy with work and home life I have had hardly no time to post on here. Just this past weekend my puppy got fixed, so my husband and I have spent most of the weekend trying to keep her from jumping and doing things that might tear her stitches. Matalina is one crazy pup! While Matalina was being fixed on Friday my husband and I went to the movies and saw Maleficent. I am not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie. However, this move was AMAZING! Between work and home life, I did however, find time to do some reading. This month I read a total of three books. While that is not a huge number that is quite a bit of reading considering that I was in a HUGE reading slump for the better part of a year. For the month of May I read Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, Asylum by Madeline Roux and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. I have already done a review for Rebel Belle and I am currently working on a Review for both the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and the Evolution of Mara Dyer. I finished The Evolution of Mara Dyer on June 1st so it does not count for May (even though I started it in May). Oh well, it just means I already have one and half books down for June and it is only the 2nd! Now I am not sure if I am going to do a full review of Asylum (unless you guys want me to). However, I will say Asylum was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. I am interested in it enough to want to read the second book, but it was maybe like a 3.5 out of 5 stars on my scale. Meaning that I enjoyed it, but I did not love it. Now, onto my May book Haul. Last month (April) was a huge month of 20 new books, this month was half that size. For the month of May I bought a total of  books 9 books.

  1. Forever by Maggie Steivfater
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn
  4. White Space by Ilsa J. Bick
  5. Ready Player One by Earnest Cline
  6. Teardrop by Lauren Kate
  7. Written in Red by Anne Bishop
  8. Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
  9. City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Claire

I know I keep saying that I am going to go on a book buying ban, but it so hard! As for my TBR for June I have a little plan, but if I stick to it is the question. So far, I have finished The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin and I am halfway through Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I plan to marathon the Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Claire. I have only read the first 4 books, and I thought I might as well start from the beginning so that everything is fresh in my mind when I pick up COHF. Other than that I have no clear plans of what I plan to read. What about you guys? What are you planning to read?  Have any of you read any of the books that I listed above? If, so leave a comment telling me what you thought. So, this is for now my fellow book lovers. Please keep a lookout for a few book reviews that I will be doing. I bid you adieu and happy reading.

2 thoughts on “May Wrap Up/ Book Haul & June TBR

  1. I have been a horrible reader lately. I’ve still only read 1 chapter of the Ray Bradbury book I’m on. I’ve been on a pretty decent Supernatural kick and aside from Pinterest, I’ve now gotten sucked into Tumblr. I’m starting to relax on it, but still not enough to put it down in my free time and it’s used up all my data on my phone. 😦 Going to try to remember to bring my book to work with me today so I can read instead of use data.


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