March Wrap Up and April TBR

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. For the most part my weekend was excellent. I had to work Friday and Saturday, but now I have 3 days off. I will go back to work on Wednesday. On Sunday my husband and I took our dog Matalina to the vet for her final round of vaccines. Now, we just have one more appointment at the end of May to get her spayed. After our visit to the vet I made a detour to Barnes and Noble and bought Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. It is the second book in her Mercy Falls series. I am waiting for the third book Forever to come out in paperback, but I am sad to hear that it will not have the same cover as the ones I currently have. I have yet to read the first one, but I am excited to read it. I have heard mixed reviews on that series. So, if you have read the series leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of it. For the month of March I have only read one book and that was Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs. It was an amazing book. I did a review for that book in one of my earlier posts. It was not very detailed because I did not want to spoil it for anyone who has not read that book or the series yet. I am in a bit of a reading slump and have been for quite sometime. I have been trying anything and everything to get myself out of it, but I have yet to be successful. When you are in a reading slump, what do you do to pull yourself out of it? For the month of April I am going to try and at least read two to three books. After finishing, the Undead Pool by Kim Harrison (which I only have about 150 or so pages to go) I am going to read either Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells or Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige (I just have to wait for that to be delivered to my house). I am super excited to read Dorothy Must Die!!! I read the first 12 chapters that they released online and I cannot wait to continue to read this book. In one of my earlier posts I did a chapter to chapter review of the first 12 chapters.Currently, I have 6 books that are going to be delivered to my house. I am hoping that one of these 6 books will pull me out of my reading slump. I also, think that I need to put myself on a book buying ban. I need to read some of the books that I have not read on my shelves yet. I have so many. I also, think that I should maybe complete some of the series that I own, before I buy anymore books. A book buying ban will make my husband happy. I am going to do my best to not buy anymore books for the month of April. April has not even started yet…. We shall see if I can do this. In the comments below let me know what you are reading, what you are excited to read and what you are planning to read for the month of April. This is it for now. I bid you Adieu and Happy reading.

One thought on “March Wrap Up and April TBR

  1. I think your bookshelves will be happy about you ban too! If you had to guesstimate, what percent of your books are ones you still need to read? It’s hard to read when distracted. I get into slumps, and then that immediately becomes habit. Then it just becomes a matter of will to pick a book up instead of watching tv or whatever else. I’m still reading The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson and really liking it, but I find myself more tired while reading lately so it’s taking longer. 😦 Hopefully my next day off I can power through it and put a bookmark in another book. I’m really looking forward to reading the books that I just recently got from B& I think they’ll be really interesting. Good luck climbing out of your slump!


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