Spring Cleaning. Bookshelf Edition.

I have today off from work! Yay! So, I figured today would be the day that I do some Spring Cleaning. I know that usually means cleaning the whole house and getting rid of some stuff that you no longer need. However, that is not the case for me. Spring Cleaning is just tackling my bookshelves and reorganizing them to make room for new books and to make it look pretty. I hate having a messy bookshelf. It is in my living room where I do most of my reading and if it is messy I have a hard time concentrating on reading, because I keep looking at it thinking that I need to clean it. Now, when I clean my bookshelf I have to take everything off of it, dust it, and then reorganize my books. I usually try to organize my books by series. However, I am not sure if this is really suiting me. I do like the idea of keeping them together, however, some of the series that I do own are a mix of paperback and hardcovers. I usually try to buy all hardcovers or paperbacks, but sometimes I cannot find all of the books in hardcover. For instance, in the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison I am missing both book four (A Fistful of Charms) and book five ( For a Few Demons More) in hardcover. Yes, I have tried various sites. Most of them are used and are selling for a couple hundred dollars. So, my search for those two books will continue. So all in all, I am trying to figure out a way to reorganize my bookshelf that makes me happy. How do you organize your books?

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning. Bookshelf Edition.

  1. I like to go by genre/type, then by author (which so far, thankfully, stick to the similar things), and hoping that still enables me to keep the bigger books to the sides. Thankfully I pretty much only have paperbacks to worry about. 🙂


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